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Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, CA

San Diego County - Beach Break

Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, CA

Surfista's Guide to Tourmaline Beach, San Diego

Hello Surfistas! Welcome to Tourmaline Beach in sunny San Diego, a perfect spot for beginner surfers to catch some waves in a picturesque setting. Let's get you geared up for an awesome surf session!

Tourmaline Beach, San Diego

Recommended Surfboards:
At Tourmaline Beach, a longboard is your go-to. It's nearly essential here, unless the surf is at least head high. This beach is a haven for longboarding enthusiasts.

Type of Break:
Tourmaline Beach features a classic beach break. The waves peel along the beach, offering both left and right rides, making it an ideal spot for practicing those mellow turns and even some nose-riding.

Beginner-Friendly Conditions:
This beach is a gem for beginners, especially on days with small to medium swells. The primarily sand bottom, especially on the south side closer to Crystal Pier, offers a forgiving environment for learning the ropes. Waves in the 2-4 feet range are ideal. Look for days with a gentle offshore breeze to smooth out the waves.

Ideal Tide:
For the most enjoyable experience, target a tide less than 3 feet. It's generally best to avoid high tide, as it can create challenging entry and exit conditions due to rocks.

Pull into the street to find an expansive parking lot with restrooms and showers at the bottom. Fortunately, this lot is large, so unless it's an exceptionally busy day, you have a good shot at nabbing a spot. If not, simply turn around up the hill to find street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods across from La Jolla Boulevard.

Crowds and Wave Break:
Tourmaline Beach tends to be quite popular, especially in the area closer to Crystal Pier. The further north you go, the bottom turns into reef and rock. While waves break more consistently to the North, it's advisable to be comfortable on your board before attempting this section of the wave.

Restrooms and Showers: Conveniently located at the bottom of the parking lot.
Expansive Parking: Plenty of parking space available.
Beach Access: Easily accessible from the parking area.

Additional Tips:
Respect the Environment: Please keep the beach clean and respect the natural beauty of Tourmaline Beach.
Safety First: Always prioritize safety and be cautious of rocks and waves, especially if you venture towards the North side.

Now, grab your trusty longboard, suit up, and let's catch some waves at Tourmaline Beach, San Diego! 🌊🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

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